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Seawoods Organic Store started its Navi Mumbai operations as a retail store on February 2020. We have been part of the Organic ecosystem for more than 5 years. Our aim is to educate our customers on :

– How to eliminate chemical based food from their everyday diet.

– Benefits of Organic food and Organic Living

– Offering rates that’s very close to conventional (non organic) market rates

– Direct farm to store. The more the veggies go through different markets, that many times the veggies have been touched.  More the veggies get touched more diseases it carries.

Where do we get our Vegetables and Fruits from?

Our farms are the biggest Certified Organic farms of Maharashtra located in Nashik. We have  have close to 300 varieties of vegetables and fruits coming from Nashik. Our farms have been certified for over 12 years and we have been always practicing organic farming. On a daily basis our farmers are converting neighboring farms and farmers to shift towards organic farming. 

Seasonal fruits comes from all parts of India. We are partnered with Certified Organic farmers across India who sends us their produce directly.  

All the farms are audited every year for any chemicals used in the farms. 

If we have missed out on any information or would like to know more about a product please write to us on office@seaoodsorganicstore.com.

Yours Truly

Keeping it Organic

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