Amorearth Full Moon Cultured Ghee, Desi Gir Cow A2 500g


Full Moon or Poornima has always had a special significance in Indian tradition and culture and has a great belief in the minds of mankind that the changing phases of the moon have a vital significance in all walks of our lives. It is a reality that in the universe everything is correlated and the nature surrounding us has an inevitable connection with human beings. It is also true how nature behaves creates an indomitable effect on our physical being. Because of the close proximity of the moon with earth, it has a deep effect upon the latter.

The moon, for example, is significantly interwoven in mythology, folklore, classic literature, poetry and music and prominently in astrological studies. Theoretically, the water in our body, which roughly amounts to 70 per cent of our physical existence, is periodically affected by the phases of the moon in the same way as its gravitational force controls the tides and tidal eddies. The fluidity in our body shifts and changes the balance in our mind, which activates our emotions to the extreme. lunar effects on our body and mind were known to ancient Indians and the English word ‘lunatic’ is derived from ‘luna’ or the moon.

The full moon emanates the most vibrant and luminescent energies of the lunar cycle whenever the earth is between the moon and sun.

It is said the moon is considered to rule or control soma; the juice or essence of plants, and of life itself. In the Vedas, milk is said to be the essence of grass, and ghee is said to be the essence of milk. Therefore, the waxing moon and full moon represents the increase of this essential quality.

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