Organic Date Palm Jaggery Liquid, By Two Brothers Organic Farms – 390ml


Liquid Date Palm Jaggery, or Liquid Nolen Gur, or Jhola Gur. (500ml bottle).

Made entirely from the sap extract of local date palms through a traditional process, using firewood at our in-farm jaggery making unit.

Low glycemic index

High in antioxidants, B Vitamins and ascorbic acid.


No Additives or Preservatives used at all.

Method of Preparation

  1. Prepared from the fresh sap of the date palm tree. We collect fresh sap juice (Neera) from wild date palm trees early morning *before sunrise* as the sap can deteriorate quickly and can get fermented with slight increase in temperature.
  2. After collection we filter it manually with a 3 layer mesh
  3. We then boil it for about 3 hours at 118 degrees on mud oven.
  4. Fuel used is firewood. Pan used for boiling juice is of pure stainless steel material 316.

This jaggery is considered medicinal, and is nutrient dense.

It is otherwise a seasonal product, especially in north east regions of Bengal where this done by the siuli community – they climb the trees, tap the trees, collect fresh sap and make the jaggery. This is mostly done from trees growing in nature or in the wild in the forest areas. Hence available only for a short period.

The Farmer Prithiviraj who grows the Date Palm Trees is just 20 mins away from TBOF has the largest Date palm cultivation in Maharashtra and is a passionate organic Farmer. He grows date palms trees and makes this jaggery for 8 months of the year. So he can continue to sell this all year round.

Taste & Usage

Taste is super sweet, caramel like.

Can replace sugar in tea coffee but do not add while boiling… add and stir after tea or coffee is prepared. Same method to be followed in smoothies or shakes containing milk. Stir in after it is ready.

Can be used in baking.

Best to make traditional sweets and can replace sugar and jaggery in all indian sweets.



This product is likely to ferment if exposed to moisture. Not just ferment, it can be affected by bacteria and mould, fungi too if it comes in contact with moisture or air. The bottle shouldn’t be left open. Any spoon or spreader when inserted into the bottle should be dry.



  • DO NOT store this in the refrigerator.
  • Store at normal room temperature.


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Update July 2020 – Due to the weather there is a little fermentation happening as this product is 100% natural, this has no effect on the product for consumption but you might hear a pop sound on opening and a little fermentation matter.

This might happen to some bottles only, Not all.

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