Organic Chyawanaprash AMOREARTH 500g


What is Chyawanprash?

Chyawanprash is a commonly used herbal tonic in India, for general health wellness prepared using an ancient Ayurvedic formula. This Ayurvedic preparation uses herbs that are considered to contain potent, immunity-boosting, and energizing qualities. Chyawanprash is believed to both promote longevity and act as an anti-ageing tonic.


Why Two Brothers Organic Farms Chyawanprash?

NO Preservative.

NO Binders.

NO Fillers.

Contains Two Brothers Organic Farms A2 Gir cow cultured ghee.

Contains Two Brothers Organic Farms Organic Jaggery.

Contains Handpicked Farms Fresh Gooseberry.

Contains 30 wild herbs retrieved from the foothills of Sahyadri mountains.

Made on a wood fire.

Artisanally made.

Hand made.


What are the benefits of consuming Two Brothers Organic Farms Chyawanprash?

Great for digestion. This tonic does a great job of balancing stomach acids. It promotes the digestion of food and the absorption of nutrients into the blood. It also provides relief in constipation, reduces flatulence, and relieves nausea and diarrhoea.

Anti-ageing features. It’s also an anti-ageing herbal tonic that can prevent wrinkles and greying of hair. Its potent antioxidant and rejuvenating herbs delay the ageing of cells provides proper nutrition and promotes youthfulness and longevity.

Improves one’s immune system. The combination of over forty herbs makes Chyawanprash a powerful immunity-boosting tonic. Amla or gooseberry, the main ingredient, contains 30 times more vitamin C than oranges. This is one of the main reasons why Chyawanprash is such a powerful immune-booster. It protects the body from bacterial, viral, and fungal infections.


What is the recommended dosage?

In the morning on an empty stomach, If taken twice either 30 minutes prior to dinner or 2 hours after dinner. Do not consume anything for at least half an hour after consuming Two Brothers Organic Farms Chyawanprash.

One teaspoon could be taken twice a day, but for children its once a day.


Can we consume Chyawanprash in summer also?

The main ingredient in Two Brothers Organic Farms Chyawanprash is amla which exerts cooling action, however, it also contains ingredients having hot potency, but overall it is a balanced formulation.


Are there any side effects?

Weight gain?- Many people are often concerned that taking this too often will lead to weight gain, because of the ghee contained in the mix. However, the ghee isn’t the main ingredient and very little actually goes into it — it’s there merely to ensure proper mixing of the ingredients.

Burning sensations?- Some people complain about a burning sensation in their stomach after consuming this herbal tonic, likely due to the strong herbs that go into the mix. To avoid this, you can also start with half a teaspoon of the mix instead, increase the amount to one teaspoon once your system gets used to it.

Pregnant women should consult with a physician before taking Chyawanprash as a supplement.

There are no reported interactions between Chyawanprash and other drugs. However, it’s still recommended you consult with a physician and an Ayurvedic practitioner if you wish to take Chyawanprash in combination with other medications due to the variety of herbs that are found in Chyawanprash.

Chyawanprash is overall a safe herbal tonic. People of all ages can take it safely for their health. In fact, children as young as three years old can take it. However, make sure to reduce the dosage for young children.


If honey is not used in Two Brothers Organic Farms Chyawanprash what exactly is added as a sweetening agent?

As a sweetening agent, Two Brothers Organic Farms Organic Jaggery is used.


What are the physical attributes of Chyawanprash?

The concoction is brown, sticky, and tastes sweet, sour, and spicy.

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