Organic Sattu and Jaggery Laddoo by Amorearth No Sugar 250gm


Sattu or Roasted Bengal Gram Laddoo

Ladoo (Energy Balls) is the undisputed sweet of India. It has evolved from the medicinal preparation that it was during the ancient Vedic ages to later becoming a form of prasad offered at temples and then the most loved of all mithai marking the onset of all auspicious occasions, so much so that every region and community has its version of the laddoo depending on what’s in season.

Sattu is rich in protein and is widely used as a superfood since time immemorial in Northern India.

The TBOF Sattu laddoo is made of premium quality Bengal Gram Flour grown on the farm, Jaggery made by heirloom variety sugarcane grown on our certified organic farm, and Shuddh Desi A2 Gir Cow Ghee that we make at Two Brothers Organic Farms, Sand Roasted Almonds that are super crispy have been mixed to give a soft and crunchy feel when eating it.


The Bengal Gram is first sand roasted traditionally which gives the flour a rich aroma and nutty flavour. No other flour or atta is added. The aroma of Desi ghee mixed with our handmade 100% natural jaggery gives it the perfect health spin you might need during the festive season.

No other artificial or natural binders used other than the ingredients mentioned above.

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