Wooden Bot Robot with his allen key By THE BOMBAY TOY COMPANY


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Our Bot Robot and his Allen Key Handwork is given prime importance for growing children. Simply put, it has multiple benefits for them. Your child will be able to open the entire robot with the given Allen Key.


The robot has multiple washers, screws to be opened right from the top of the head, arms, legs, and multiple of them on the torso. Your child will be engaged for hours together in opening and putting the robot back together!

The Space Explorer Ball allows a very young child to free play where

she senses the texture, observed different shapes, listens to names of
the planets from her primary caregiver and growing to create her own

narratives (speech and language development) as she plays.

Watch her tell you stories about the spaceship or meeting an alien.

CHOKING HAZARD: This toy contains small parts and can cause

choking hazards. To be played under adult supervision. Please pack it

and keep it out of reach from children 3 and below or

if you have an older child who is mouthing.

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